Firm target

When I left house early in the morning, I was too nervous. I was going to participate in the sports day events organized by our office. The events were many including running races. I was not feeling good to participate in a race as I do not practice running daily not even going for a … More Firm target

Fortune enough

I was purchasing vegetables in a open market where vegetables were kept in small makeover shops or on carts. Lot of vegetables which were of no use were scattered here and there. A crow was fortunate enough to find a sweet corn with raw seeds undamaged and eating it stealthily. One or two birds were … More Fortune enough

Save our Earth

During this Winter as usual our city is immersed in a dull atmosphere sometimes due to dense fog and sometimes due to pollution. Day by day, our city is getting extremely polluted and people who are living here from a long time are also now adapted to it. So they do not feel or bother … More Save our Earth

BYE 2016

31 December 2016 Today is this years last day. The day to review our passed one year’s life. Some people might had very good life some might have seen more ups and downs. But there is always hope to look forward for a change of luck. A good year ahead. The year was not very … More BYE 2016

World school

Feeling like a student sitting in a class with all  work and no play feeling very bored. With no joy in learning makes a child dull by routine life of lessons pouring all over.   Dreamed a lot  earlier , for going to the school to feel the cool breeze, to run out in to the fields. Want … More World school

Who is the most beautiful Indian woman who is not a celebrity?

Answer by Smiti Bhardwaj: The lady who: Wakes up at 5. Cooks for her kids and husband. Packs their and her own lunch. Gets the kids ready. Sends them off to school. Wears her 2 yr old stitched suit, combs her hair into a bun, puts a bindi and slips into her 18 months old … More Who is the most beautiful Indian woman who is not a celebrity?

The Gift of compassion

The gift of Compassion
Almost at the end of the rainy season I came to knew from relatives from my native place that floods in our neighboring state was severe and even the states nearby were also affected. My relatives were worried that the continuous drizzling of rain had destroyed their crops which were ready to be harvested.
People were cursing the inconvenience due to continuous rains which was hampering people to move around or to do any routine work. While neighbor states were having a minor effect, very few people could have bothered about the people suffering badly in the severely affected coastal side state where there was a severe rain.
Some of the effects of that flood were reported as below:
School and colleges remained closed; exams post phoned indefinitely disrupting the education. Office goers had a very bad experience for reaching the office.
Power supply stopped as a precautionary method.
All trains leading through the city cancelled causing inconvenience to thousands of those people who wanted to reach their destination for some interviews or exams or some personal emergencies.
A transit company hired boats instead of cars to pick up people around the city. Storm water drains were over flowing,
All type of traffic/ communication systems were completely disturbed. Price of food increased tremendously. Drinking water scarcity was the main problem. Deaths were reported from areas where people were living at low altitude drowned in their own house.
Boats were deployed with army. Relief and rehabilitation work started from Govt and NGOs.
Relatives of these affected people were worrying about their whereabouts and were alarmed about the safety of their beloved. Small groups were created to aid distressed people.
More The Gift of compassion

Kindness around us

Kindness around us Kindness act 1 I got up suddenly in the early morning when there was a severe pain in my stomach. I tried to not to wake up any one as it would be disturbing their sleep, a precious thing these days. But as the pain did not recede even after taking available … More Kindness around us