Good behaviour.

Being human beings I believe that we must have a decent life style some good manners. But every day I see most people behave very irritable or impatient with strangers not bothered about any age or gender. Behaves in a ill mannerly way and hurts other people. I f the other person is quite timid they just mumble or keep quite. But if the opposite person is aggressive or already frustrated he also behaves more ill mannerly and a quarrel between the two begins.
A small gratitude:
I was standing in the bus stop waiting for a bus. There were many people waiting for the bus. Many buses for various destinations were arriving and departing. Being a rush hour in the morning, people were moving everywhere hectically. A young man brought a young lady on his bike. It appeared that she was his wife and wanted to catch a bus with very low frequency in that stop. Many buses arrived and there was a chaos among the people who want to catch different buses standing here and there. The girl went backwards of a standing bus not even bothered to say good bye to her husband in her hurry, may be she was getting late to her office. Her bus came to the front and husband made all efforts to stop the bus and succeeded and called her. But she was far away and could not listen. By the time she turned and saw the bus and his calling her bus already on move and went away. She was very frustrated and was angry for missing the bus. He was asking her to sit on the bike to go behind the bus to catch it in next bus stop. The poor fellow was so cooperative and her behavior was quite rude towards him. They moved away from there.
So many times we get to see or behave ourselves in such a manner. Not bother to see the help given by others but we selfishly blame the other person for the situation. It is very mean that in our mad anger we do not think or behave in good manner. Should not we see the other soul?


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