We are human and where is the humanity?

Now a days the manners are reducing or the definition of manners changing in this fast developing world. Everywhere concern is raising to save the earth, water, atmosphere etc, rarely I have heard any cry for saving the human behavior, humanity , the basic nature of man.
We call ourselves mankind. Probably the kindness in man is moving away gradually, as machines entered into this world. Emotions are leaving way to mechanism or convenience; further in to selfishness, stubborn behavior.
A small irritation causes huge fight among people. People get offended for even little reason. There is no tolerance for others. Nobody bother about the words they speak themselves but feel very bad about the other people behavior. There is no let go attitude or happy attitude.
When I look in to each face at public places, I feel the stress on each and every one – like they want to cry / shout and release their stress at any moment available. Then, both the parties feel very bad for that scene but think that they are only right, irrespective of the cause to that situation that had developed.
A young lady was standing in the metro. She was not standing in the row meant to stand holding the bar above, but a little away from the seats facing her. There was a lady behind her. During the travel, because of train’s sudden jerks, the old lady pushed the young girl slighly. The girl started shouting at the women in a very bad language. The women felt very humiliated as she was apparently not done anything with her knowledge.
The girl was very beautiful and was dresses very gracefully. I was admiring her a few minutes earlier for her radiant beauty and within a few moments when I saw her behavior I could not believe myself. The girl was looking ugly with all that shouting. I was thinking if the woman were her mother would she behave in the same manner?
Why can’t we take all the humans as our brother/ sister or mother or father? If instead of the strangers if it is one of our relation what would be our reaction?
Don’t we need to consider the other people as they belong to our kind – the mankind?


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