Healthy living

The young man had a twisted leg which made him to walk in a peculiar style and it appeared like he was putting lot of efforts to move farther. His back was hunched. The first thought in my mind was why this punishment God has given to him. Hindu says it is a result of bad karma. i.e bad deeds done in previous life. Whatever but if understands it; one could learn a lesson to behave more human. I was thinking about that young man whether he is quite intelligent had he passed his exams well at top or he was an average student. I wished that God should have given an excellent mind to overcome this handicap. At least there is reservation in Government quota for handicapped and he can get a job to live independently. People often over look their healthy body. They never use their talents. Even though God has given them gift of hand and feet to do work, they become handicapped. Depends on others for food and shelter or for any small thing they seek others help- sitting lazy. At least only once if they could imagine that if they were handicapped and what they cannot do in that incomplete body could be done by now, having a god gifted healthy body!
Instead of getting arrogant for simply being with a strong built body if they could have overcome their handicap of arrogance, intolerance with a little patience sympathy and love to other human beings, it would be the most noble thing that they could have been done.
There are many uneducated youths wandering on the crowded road with an outfit of sadhus dressed up in beads and other accessories. They take out small snakes from their outfits when someone pass them. People startle by the sudden view of a snake and these sadhus stop in their way till they get money in charity. They target generally uneducated youths and new comers. But people who used to see these snake sadhus keep away, take another route or some go out of the way through bushes and weeds outside the footpath to avoid them. This is also a kind of handicap for not using their strong body to work in any way but to threaten people with a snake.. Comparatively the small boy selling water on the footpath looks stronger to me than these guys. The boy pulls his cart serves cool water by hand pumping to passerby. He sells the water or lemonade for a nominal price in the summer. The cart is too big to handle at his age but he struggles to make it stand on the edge of the foot path and opens his business with all his vigor cleaning the space around, arranging glasses and lemons etc. He is really like a guide for the persons who live life lazily and depends on others for their living.
There was a handicapped man sitting next to the staircase of metro station. He used to sit with a plate with few coins and notes. His hands were perfect. He used to show his stick like legs to the walkers without covering them with cloth even in severe winter. He was not begging loudly like others but was sitting silently. I usually do not encourage beggars unless they are too old to work. But, what about handicapped healthy beggars? I had a thought that if somebody could guide him by living a packet of toffees which he could sell sitting there for a profit he could have earned his living. But people usually throw coins to beggars instead of buying things from a poor sales man. But by the time I decided to do something this beggar disappeared from there. After few days a young pregnant girl was sitting begging on the other side of the path begging and after few days with a small newly born child adding another generation for begging.
I have also seen a person in our locality appearing often pulling a cycle rickshaw and he has got only one left arm. He pedals with all his energy and moves through the crowd with ease controlling the cycle rickshaw. I wonder how he balances the three wheeled cycle with passenger. He does not ask for any pity.
Now I feel that when we are equipped with God’s gift of healthy and sound body is really a waste of our body asset if we are not using it in proper way.


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