Live life happily

bud4It was quite early in the morning. I was walking briskly to catch a cab. There were many morning walkers and early shoppers on the road. I noticed an old lady, looking quite fragile but well dressed, was walking slowly on the footpath. She had a walking stick in her hand and moving with great difficulty due to her old age. Even though she was walking very slowly she looked determined to complete the walk. Her hair was dyed with orange colour, mostly due to the application of mehendi (an herbal colour most north Indians prefer to dye their hair with). I was wondering while she is not physically strong enough, how could she take efforts to apply mehendi to her hair or else someone could have helped her to put and wash the mehendi. I cheered silently to that relative who taking care of colouring to please the old lady. In my mind I saluted the lady for her interest to live the life to a full extent even in that age.

The population of this city is increasing terribly. On the road, in the buses, around residence localities, malls, markets- no place is less populated. We have to move through the waves of people. Getting a vehicle to travel is also a big concern. Somehow I got into the sharing cab to reach medical metro station. After settling in the vehicle at the back seat, I saw Ramu sir sitting in the front seat. For quite a long time I waited before recognizing him from the back. He had left our firm two years back and had gone to his native southern state to settle. So I was not sure why he was there. Finally being confirmed that he was the person, I said ‘Namaste Sir,’ He was happy to see me, an old colleague. He was aged 60 years when he got retired. But even now he had not been changed much in his looks or behaviour. He looked as enthusiastic as he was earlier.

When he talked about the assignment for which he had come to visit Delhi I felt that even at this age he was ready to travel the long distance without bothering about his stress and strains. He had not let out his house at Delhi but has kept it for his frequent visits to Delhi along with his wife. He enquired regarding all our other colleagues, new area of our business and new technologies we have adopted. He was quite eager and interested to know about everything that goes around him.

Many times we feel the stress of life and feel getting older often, even before we get old really. But his behavior was so cheerful, full of strength and quite active to do more work! I was full of praise for his vitality. At the end of the journey I bid good bye and quickly moved to catch metro.

I crossed my fingers to get a seat as I entered the metro. The crowd was maddening as usual. I saw a man sitting in one of the ladies seat and I was too happy that I could get that reserved seat. But for my dismay the person was a blind. Certainly I could not ask him to get up. So I had to stand in front of the seat.

During journey I felt that he was sensing all movements around him, listening carefully the announcements that were delivered often, various sounds made by other passengers with him. He might have even sensing various smells and guessing who were around him. Somebody called on his special mobile. He took it, used the buttons and spoke quite casually. It appeared he was talking to his daughter who was worried about his travelling alone in a city metro train. He was laughing and consoling her that he had managed to travel and there was no problem at all and she need not to worry. His confidence was quite obvious. Finally he heard the announcement and new that his destination has arrived. Without asking for any help he took out his guiding stick and moved towards the door and got down carefully. One passerby helped him to move towards the lift. All passengers were gaping at him as he was behaving like normal people and not at all handicapped. I felt he was quite strong enough to move around the world on his own not bothering about his disability.

It was quite surprising for me to see such similar persons in a single day who wanted to live life with full vigor not bothering about their age or state of body. Really how many of us have that enthusiasm to face the life with our full strength and not to complaint about the miseries all around us!


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