Kindness around us

Kindness around us
Kindness act 1
I got up suddenly in the early morning when there was a severe pain in my stomach. I tried to not to wake up any one as it would be disturbing their sleep, a precious thing these days. But as the pain did not recede even after taking available medicines, my tolerance to keep silent broke. Hearing my moans one by one my family members got up. They tried to soothe my pain in all possible ways till my son insisted that I should go to a doctor. Finally my husband and myself went out searching a vehicle for hiring. I told him to go fast and get a vehicle and I was trolling behind. It was 6 in the morning and people were going for morning walk or fetching milk etc. I was moving very slowly with intolerable pain and to my surprise nobody bothered about me. Only one old man asked me why I was walking so slowly. But the wife with him did not even comment! It was really disheartening to see the people’s attitude while some body facing some problem. With the treatment of five injections for possible food poison in the hospital I got over my pain after an hour and returned home later, thinking about definition of kindness these days!
Kindness act 2
Monsoon for this year is over. We had quite good rain this year. The other day, it was raining heavily. It was like somebody was throwing buckets of water from the sky quite peculiar to Delhi city which gets moderate rain since few years. Even though it was very discouraging, to reach office in time I started my journey.
I walked in to the water logged road carefully lifting my clothes and balancing an umbrella in my right hand, but within few meters of walk towards I was partially drenched.
Since child hood I do really love rain very much. The murmuring sound of rains, cool sprinkling water on face was always very comfortable. However, I dislike the rains while going to the office as the clothes once get wet have to be worn till evening. But today for a change I decided to enjoy the rain whole heartedly and now the experience became more welcoming. I enjoyed going through it. People were running to cover from rain in vain as there is no escape on the streets because there were no shelters on either side of road. Few people who decided to go wet completely without bothering about water were moving like there is no rain!
The water filled the road with in few minutes as there was no proper drainage. Vehicles moving through them splashed a high wave of water all around. I went through the road avoiding the water splash.
The trees were too happy with the sudden flash of water. In the hot summer, the cool rain was welcomed both by animals and birds alike. The wet earth was more appealing with a pleasant smell. When I slowed to cross the road, a stranger slowed his car and offered me lift probably watching my misery in the rains. However I had to go in another direction and refused him politely with the wave of my hand. But I felt very pleased that still there are people all around me who are quite kind for even strangers!
The rain was pouring unevenly throughout the city. At some places it was completely dry and at some other there was no way for people to come out of the building. People were stranded on every main road with huge traffic jams. After absorbing enough water earth started spitting out water into small pits all over the roads. Mud water filled puddles surfaced all over the road.
I saw a puppy carefully gazing a small pit and moving slowly until it was in the middle of the puddle and then it rolled in to it very happily dipping in the water cooling its body from hot waves of summer air.
The driver of the cab, which I caught to reach Metro station, was narrating his lifting service for the strange passengers who strand in rain, as a good deed to the needy ones, of course for a small fare. Silently I appreciated his kind heart.
The metros were running full with no place to keep both feet down. Abruptly in the middle of the journey the driver announced to empty the train and to wait for the other one coming. The station, Indra prastha, had very narrow corridor with a single entrance and we had to cross the track in the middle floor to approach the right platform. People were brushing with each other and situation was alarming like at any moment stamping could have been started. When the trains arrived there was no place to go either in to the train or out of the train or out of the station. It was quite an alarming situation. People were stamping on each other feet and few girls were screaming crazily laughing loudly at a distance. Somehow I managed to get into a train. Every one settled even in that crowd. When train stopped at stations, some lady passengers were asking for the way very politely even in that rush where there was no place to drop a needle and also some other polite ladies giving way, smiling at each other. The needy mothers and old ladies were being offered few seats.
Really life is good to have so many nice kind people around, I thought!
Do you like to share about any kind people you met recently?


One thought on “Kindness around us

  1. Thanks for sharing the kindness of people. It is fact that many people are there to help the human being, that is why the world is running, I believe this.

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