The Gift of compassion

The gift of Compassion
Almost at the end of the rainy season I came to knew from relatives from my native place that floods in our neighboring state was severe and even the states nearby were also affected. My relatives were worried that the continuous drizzling of rain had destroyed their crops which were ready to be harvested.
People were cursing the inconvenience due to continuous rains which was hampering people to move around or to do any routine work. While neighbor states were having a minor effect, very few people could have bothered about the people suffering badly in the severely affected coastal side state where there was a severe rain.
Some of the effects of that flood were reported as below:
School and colleges remained closed; exams post phoned indefinitely disrupting the education. Office goers had a very bad experience for reaching the office.
Power supply stopped as a precautionary method.
All trains leading through the city cancelled causing inconvenience to thousands of those people who wanted to reach their destination for some interviews or exams or some personal emergencies.
A transit company hired boats instead of cars to pick up people around the city. Storm water drains were over flowing,
All type of traffic/ communication systems were completely disturbed. Price of food increased tremendously. Drinking water scarcity was the main problem. Deaths were reported from areas where people were living at low altitude drowned in their own house.
Boats were deployed with army. Relief and rehabilitation work started from Govt and NGOs.
Relatives of these affected people were worrying about their whereabouts and were alarmed about the safety of their beloved. Small groups were created to aid distressed people.
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