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Winters make us quite lazy. Staying in side with warm clothes will be the general option. However walking in the cold with warm clothes is also very enjoyable. Generally we tenc to keep pending all works aside to sleep lazily in sun or passing the time watching TV. But the day New Year starts, every one become alive from hibernation of laziness and will start welcoming the New Year with all hope in the heart.

People try to forget the losses or pains of previous years and walk expectantly in to the future year and hope that new year will bring good luck, and everything will turn good.

Whether the year brings good or not we can change our life from day one of New Year if we really try hard.

The Resolutions are being made but always not completed; innumerable reasons are given for not achieving but main reason is laziness, other reasons are just supporting it.

A strong mind and small goals do keep us on the track. It is not that we have to write down every resolution and follow. Generally we think not to set a resolution because most of the time they have been rarely achieved.

We human lots are basically very hope full living beings. We always hope for betterment. Generally goals are achieved more seriously when somebody is watching. So when we have to achieve something it should be known to some near dear ones – at least, so that we will struggle at least a little to show that what we can do. Of course it is not for show off but this a simple way of reaching the new horizon.

So trust in yourself.  that you want to have a goal for the year and try to keep small goals finalizing in to a big achievement of your life. A year should not go waste like all others that went away all these year. Let’s make this a special year which we could turn around and say that we have completed our resolution like never before. May be lot of you people are there who are achieving their resolutions without fail. It would be interested if the same thing is shared by you to boost other readers.

So never turn back, Hope for your dream seed starting to grow in to a tree yielding your dream fruit. Enter the NEW YEAR 2016 with all hopes and new resolutions to achieve your great goals.

old 2011 005

Happy New Year to all.



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