BYE 2016


31 December 2016

Today is this years last day.

The day to review our passed one year’s life.

Some people might had very good life some might have seen more ups and downs.

But there is always hope to look forward for a change of luck. A good year ahead.

The year was not very nice for me. Quite tough in a new responsibility, a new boss and all sort of problems were popping up from every nook and corner.

I was quite depressed and passing on the time. When I came across an article advising even though we are at the problematic unlucky end search for a new hope and opportunity because we are always blessed with one or the other things and we usually do not look at it but go for the one we do not have and become sad.

From the time getting up to the end of the day count the things you are thankful.

I thought I should try .

Next morning I got up with good sleep through the winter night. The warm thick blankets protected our family in the safety our own home. I had a good tea. Had a vigour to complete all the kitchen course and get ready for the work. We had a good breakfast and with the best clothes of my wardrobe I selected a dress and left home in time. Thank God. What! I am thanking God. SO I do have good chances which I should be grateful.

When I ran with my strong legs leavng behind a crippling young boy, I felt once very sad for him. I moved fast to reach office in time.

That day went really lucky or to be grateful. Because I had a good day. ‘

I had a comfortable journey in the metro, a good seat and peaceful environment with outear-piercing noises or loud musics which the youngsters enjoyed with earphones. Now a days ear phones are coming defective I think because why the noise is coming out so loudly while they keep it for themselves!

The office work was smooth with the big problem which I was worried was solved easily.

The whether was good and I reached home safely.

In the night when I went to bed. I thanked God for everything that has given to me in my life.

So at the end of the year I think I should look with hope for HAVING grateful things in my life further also.


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