Save our Earth


During this Winter as usual our city is immersed in a dull atmosphere sometimes due to dense fog and sometimes due to pollution.

Day by day, our city is getting extremely polluted and people who are living here from a long time are also now adapted to it. So they do not feel or bother about the dirty surroundings, stinking smell or suffocating atmosphere. This is only often pointed out by the outside visitors from rural areas. They are being living in a pollution free area, sense the dust, odour and feel restless when they visit the city. They wonder about the dirty water filling the river that is flowing through the city which has been considered most sacred and worshipped by us. Rivers in cities are being exploited in all the possible way by means of dumping of all type of wastes including factory wastes, chemicals, sewerage etc. Anybody who has lived in other small towns or rural areas knows the difference. Even though modernization is peeping everywhere, pollution attached to it is to be removed from our system before it spoils every nook and corner of our earth.

More people and organizations who are experts in this area are required to take steps in this direction. After a very long waiting, few drives like reducing pollution by banning diesel vehicles in the city, promoting cycling etc are being surfacing now. However these need strong backups.

General view of most people is that we have the right to a polluted free atmosphere which is filling city’s sky by mistake of few. Due to this ‘reduce pollution drive’, lot of loss would be occurring to some persons or sectors but it is only a material loss or financial loss. It is a small loss for this generation. But if the pollution continues in this rate then there may not be any one left to breathe this polluted air from our next generations.

To save our future generation, to stop losses to them, to give their right to live in a pure environment of fresh air and good health thereby, it is our duty to stop pollution in any minute way possible. Even though it is inconvenient for some, any solution in this direction should be suggested and welcomed by all.

Can anybody think of any genuine solution?






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