Fortune enough

girlI was purchasing vegetables in a open market where vegetables were kept in small makeover shops or on carts. Lot of vegetables which were of no use were scattered here and there. A crow was fortunate enough to find a sweet corn with raw seeds undamaged and eating it stealthily. One or two birds were hovering around it trying to snatch it. Few children were moving around with a bag fetching vegetables fallen on the road by chance and were hushed away often by the shop keepers who would think that the poor will steal the veg.

On the way I met my friend Vimala. She had celebrated her 10 years old daughters Birthday recently and had treated her daughter’s friends in a restaurant.

Today, when we met in the market, she went on narrating about her awesome party. After exchanging some usual information I noticed that she was quite depressed and was not in her usual cheerful mind.

After insisting she replied that she could not forget the small kid sitting at the entrance step of the restaurant where the B’day party was held. All children were departing. Her daughter was very happy to receive so many gifts and was chirping with her best dress quite tired due to excitement.

When they were waiting for their car to arrive, Vimala had spotted this kid begging below the last step. He had spread a scarf in front of him wearing a single worn-out cotton vest and knickers. She was surprised to notice that he was not at all bothered about the severe cold hitting others. All people around were wearing warmers, sweaters jackets, mufflers or caps and even gloves and trying to cover themselves with cold. Even then some were shivering due to intense cold.

The boy was simply sitting on the mud floor and asking for some money touching his stomach. She felt quite guilty for spending thousands of rupees over the birthday party where lot of eatables were left out by the children who could not eat in the party. Here a small poor child was asking for his meal of the night. It was quite heart touching. She donated few rupees to him thinking she should tell him to not to beg and go to school. But who will afford all these things? There were many children begging. Few older ones were dusting the cars at the signals and collecting money only from those who offered them. Their parents themselves were in a poor state, may be due to their own fault or may not be their own, just like their street born children or due to unavoidable circumstances.

Yes, there are lots of people around who are less fortunate than us. Most of us have a job which could offer us at least a home to cover our head, have meals to fill our stomach and all facilities which a man need for comfort. But there are so many unfortunate people with irregular jobs who are suffering with poverty due to none of their faults.

I do try to help people with less fortunate, not to beggars, but to attempters who try to work any possible way.

Today when I got out from my train I found the man with polio supporting on his clutches as usual and begging sitting in between the steps. Several times I would like to advise him to start selling even groundnuts of KG would be more appropriate. But would he listen? So I kept just silent by passer but not willing to donate money. But today I found the small girl around 4 years old selling few pens in her hand. I was touched. I just searched in my purse, fished out some coins more than the worth of a pen and gave her. I did not need a pen, however I just encouraged her. Felt good at heart and left station.

How lucky we are to have parents who take care of their children from all disasters and protect them from all problems. We are educated, but not interested in scoring good marks in morality, kindness or social service for unfortunates. There are less people really working with good heart. And most of us are unaware what we could do for society, is it not?


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