Firm target

When I left house early in the morning, I was too nervous. I was going to participate in the sports day events organized by our office. The events were many including running races. I was not feeling good to participate in a race as I do not practice running daily not even going for a walk. The time constraint does not allow me. Even previous year also I participated in the 100 m race. Since one lady stopped in the middle of the track I was fortunate enough to get the third price out of four people running!! Don’t laugh at me. What one can expect from a lady over 50 with little over weight, will run like a dear? However my colleagues were teasing me that I was almost jogging instead of running. So this year I did not think of running as it would take lot of courage to run in a stadium in front of thousands of audience among many good runners. However I had to go to participate, as one of my colleagues took me as one player in the relay event. If I did not go he would be very disappointed.


I went to the metro station and travelled half the way to the Tyagaraja stadium which was not in direct metro line. So I got down at Aksharadham station and took an auto.

Since it was middle of February already Delhi city was getting quite hot. So I was not properly dressed for the cold wind pressing me in the auto rickshaw. I was too chilled by the time I travelled another 5 kms. I was glad that the rickshaw stopped at a signal so I could take breath. A small girl of around 9-10 years carrying a small kid approached me selling single roses wrapped in plastic. Now days beggars have started doing business with such type of rose selling. In flowers shops such rose sell for at least Rs20. How these people manage to get these roses? I was wondering whether these are not thrown away or resold by the decorators of marriages or any other functions. The girl was begging me to take the roses. I had to spend the whole day in sun light which was rising brightly. The rose would be dried. But looking at the girl’s effort, I just wanted to reward and fished out a Rs.10 note from my purseand gave it to her. I refused to take rose when she offered. She forcibly gave the rose saying ‘didi please don’t give money like this, I want to earn by selling the rose.’ I was little bit taken aback as this was not a practice among these traffic light sellers. However I took the rose.

I reached the stadium in time. The sun was very bright, so along with my colleagues I sat in the shadow on the steps of the auditorium where there was a tin sheet shelter above at a height of around 40 feet. We were enjoying our breakfast offered when suddenly one of the eagle flying in the stadium dipped down in to the crowd. Everyone was astonished and got disturbed when wide winged big eagle flied down thinking it has come to snatch the food. But, it just pick the stick fell on the empty step and flied away with the same speed. It went on to the supporting beam of the shelter sheets of stadium and put the stick in to the nest that was building by its spouse. It was not distracted either by huge crowd or the food around. It took aim to get the stick which might have fallen by chance from above. It was really inspiring.

When we were watching men’s racing events I was pondering on the two scenes I watched that day. The little girl determined to earn her living and not to default even it was easy to earn, refusing my donation. It was really admirable to see such a small girl taking her target so seriously.

Even the eagle was also so determined to get its stick instead of going to the food available easily on the ground. It was determined to collect and build its nest which was its target to do and not to get disturbed. I got two models before I entered the track. I was thinking seriously that if these beings can, then I should also be determined to reach my destination. So with the signal of  whistle I put all my energy in to my body and  just concentrated to run fast as much as possible. I could see only few feet in front of me and nothing else. The world seemed noise less. I just aimed catch with the lady running ahead to reach first.

Even though I could finish only second among all the 7 youngsters I was very happy.

I realized that if one take real determination and do not alter from their way they will certainly achieve their target even It look impossible. Good lesson for the day!



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