Be content

In my kitchen window, surfaced a small head with two tiny ears and a smelling nose. Even without an eye lid and with no expression on its face it stares at my face expectantly. Feeling frightened disappears and again peeps in. By this time I am ready with a nut in my hand. If it … More Be content

Live life happily

It was quite early in the morning. I was walking briskly to catch a cab. There were many morning walkers and early shoppers on the road. I noticed an old lady, looking quite fragile but well dressed, was walking slowly on the footpath. She had a walking stick in her hand and moving with great … More Live life happily

Healthy living

The young man had a twisted leg which made him to walk in a peculiar style and it appeared like he was putting lot of efforts to move farther. His back was hunched. The first thought in my mind was why this punishment God has given to him. Hindu says it is a result of … More Healthy living


Even though Engineer by profession I love reading and writting, thinking deep in to the lives of all simple human beings all around me. Being observant I am expressing my views on the people around just with a touch of emotional eye.

Good behaviour.

Being human beings I believe that we must have a decent life style some good manners. But every day I see most people behave very irritable or impatient with strangers not bothered about any age or gender. Behaves in a ill mannerly way and hurts other people. I f the other person is quite timid … More Good behaviour.

WELCOME Freinds!

I have opened a blog today (13.03.2014) with an intention of expressing my views on life / society community etc. Hope all issues related to these topics are discussed and some solution achieved.Thanks..